Pastoral Letter – March 23, 2020

Dear Friends in Christ
Trust in the Lord! Hope you are doing as well as can be. A few suggestions to keep strong in spirit:
1. Pray every day. It will help to keep you conscious of your connection to God.
2. Pray for, phone, text, email someone every day. It will keep you connected to loved ones.
3. This Wednesday March 25 is the Feast of the Annunciation. Pope Francis has asked all Christians throughout the world to pray the Lord’s Prayer at noon in solidarity with those most affected by the corona virus.
4. Look and listen for the presence of God every day. It might come as a smile from someone 6 feet away or an unexpected call from an old friend or any act of kindness. It may come as an inspirational moment from something you read or saw on TV or experienced playing or listening to music.
A personal anecdote – As you all know our nature loving daughter is not a church goer. I try to send her upbeat texts and we talk on FaceTime every night. I continue to say a blessing prayer for her and her husband each night. She tolerates no other religious input. She still has to go to work at the University. Her bus was cancelled so her husband has to drive her to the LRT station. I wanted to tell her the Trinity was with her and our world but thought it better left unsaid. Instead, our good God sent 3 deer to a field in the dawning light and when they drove by she sent a photo heartened and encouraged for the beginning of another challenging day.
5. Stay safe. Stay connected. Stay hopeful in the Lord.
Love and prayers always
Rector, St. Peter’s Anglican

Service Cancellations

all services cancelled


Dear friends in Christ,
God is with us! At this challenging time of worry and anxiety during the Coronavirus crisis, please stay close to the Lord!
Even though our churches are closed, we can pray at home, access Morning and Evening Prayer on the internet and even watch live stream services. For those of us, like myself, who are mostly computer illiterate, try watching an inspiring TV show or movie or reading or rereading a book that encourages you and gives you hope. Please pray every day and read your Bible when you can.
Stay in touch with your family and friends. Please email or call your St. Peter’s clergy if you need to or want to: Rev. Coleen-; (780)940-4733; Rev. Mike-; (780)242-5082; Rev. Alison-;(587)594-0883.
Our Lord will never abandon us!
Love and prayers always
Rector, St. Peter’s Anglican