Contact Us

St. Peter’s Anglican Church
11035 127th Street,
Edmonton, Alberta
T5M 0T3
Telephone 780-455-3665
Fax 780-455-7101

Transit: St Peter’s is close to bus stops 1830, 1865, and 1782.  We are about three blocks from stops 1481, 1283, 1042, 1819, 1882, and about 10 blocks from the Westmount transfer station. Planning can be done through the ETS trip planner.

Clergy and Lay Leadership

The Reverend Robyn King, Rector
Robyn grew up and was ordained in The Episcopal Church before being appointed as Rector of St Peter’s. She thoroughly loves St Peter’s, Edmonton, and walking her dog in the River Valley. You can listen to her sermons and read her posts on preaching, theology, and life at her blog. Find her on twitter as @theologybird, email, or call (780) 455-3665.

The Reverend Alison Westervelt, Deacon
Alison moved to Edmonton from Winnipeg. She works with the Cathedral’s Friday morning breakfast and cares passionately about working toward the Kingdom of God among us. You can reach her via email, phone (780-807-5581) or on Sunday mornings.

Rector’s Warden: Rochelle Nieuwenhuis
People’s Warden: Rob Lambert
Envelope Secretary:  Sandy Sherman
Parish Musician:  Chloe Hansen

Our Upper Hall, Lower Hall, Meeting Room, and Kitchen are available to rent daily, weekly, or monthly.