Service Cancellations

all services cancelled


Dear friends in Christ,
God is with us! At this challenging time of worry and anxiety during the Coronavirus crisis, please stay close to the Lord!
Even though our churches are closed, we can pray at home, access Morning and Evening Prayer on the internet and even watch live stream services. For those of us, like myself, who are mostly computer illiterate, try watching an inspiring TV show or movie or reading or rereading a book that encourages you and gives you hope. Please pray every day and read your Bible when you can.
Stay in touch with your family and friends. Please email or call your St. Peter’s clergy if you need to or want to: Rev. Coleen-; (780)940-4733; Rev. Mike-; (780)242-5082; Rev. Alison-;(587)594-0883.
Our Lord will never abandon us!
Love and prayers always
Rector, St. Peter’s Anglican

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