Palm Sunday Reflection – Sunday April 5

How often do we cheer our heroes then trample them under when they get old, tired or no longer able to perform at the level we want them to?  This will be the road for Jesus.

Cheered by the crowds on Sunday, He will be crucified before them on Friday and no one will try to stop it.  Sports heroes traded or retired, business partners or colleagues let go, relatives shunted to nursing homes – we all have stories of these in our immediate life or purview who have been scuttled away because now deemed unuseful, inconvenient or a danger to themselves or others.

And yet the mystery of Palm Sunday, or liturgically Passion Sunday, is that the very rejection, torture and ultimate death of Jesus is what saved us and our world from the greatest human fear – suffering and death.  Jesus’ final and lasting heroism was not His miracles but His passion, death and resurrection that we all might have our sins forgiven and have eternal life.

Reach out to someone this week.  Many people are feeling useless and inadequate at home.  Remind them that they are loved, prayed for, and cared about.

In this fearful time of Covid-19, remember Jesus.  In this challenging time when live sports and entertainment stop, heroes retire unsung and we can’t even visit our loved ones in long term care, remember hope – the hope that comes from believing in a God who is with us and who knows what’s going on, even if we don’t.

God bless you.


Rector, St. Peter’s Anglican Church

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