Easter Sunday Reflection – Sunday April 12

He is risen!  He is risen indeed!  Wow, what a relief!  Not even covid-19 can stop Jesus from rising from the dead.  Now and for eternity, we are assured of the forgiveness of our sins and our life forever with God.

In this time of ongoing fear and anxiety, we can only thank God that He raised Jesus from the dead.  Jesus has permanently destroyed the power of evil and fear to control our lives.  With all the negativity surrounding us, it’s hard not to be in a constant state of vigilance and even despair.

Yet we are believers in Jesus.  Yes, sickness and death are part of being human and will come to us and to our loved ones whether or not it is covid-19 related.  Our physical reality is the human condition.  Our spiritual reality is eternal life in Christ.

No matter what, the Risen Lord is with us.  He is with the front line hospital workers, doctors and nurses.  He is with First Responders and grocery store staff.  He is with all those who must work for us at this trying time.  He is with the sick and the dying even if we can’t be.  He is with all of us, all the time.

By the power of the Resurrection, Jesus has broken the bonds of sin and death.  As Romans 8:38,39 says, nothing – not even covid-19 – can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Experience the joy and hope of Easter.  Remember Jesus died for you.  Remember He is with you always.  Remember His eternal life gives us hope as believers.  Give thanks and praise His name.  For indeed, the Lord is good and His love is everlasting.

God bless you.


Rector, St. Peter’s Anglican Church


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