April 13 Rector’s Message

April 13, 2020


Dear Friends in Christ

  1. Hope you and your loved ones are doing as well as can be.
  2. It has been a month now since we have been unable to worship in person at St. Peter’s. We do not know when regular public worship in churches will begin again, but eventually it will.
  3. In spite of everything, the Easter season is a time of thanksgiving and praise to our good God who never abandons us. God has given us the ultimate gift of His Son Jesus Christ that you and I may have our sins forgiven and experience life forever with God.  We just need to believe it.
  4. Please take some time, amid the constant stress of your life, and consider writing a thank you note to God for all His graces and blessings in your lifetime. Writing these out gets them from our head to our heart and onto the page.  When you’re done, just sit quietly and review your list.  You might want to say something to God, you might just want to enjoy the quiet sense of God’s presence remembered throughout your life.
  5. Try to take the opportunity to phone, text, email or write to someone you want to thank. God sent this person into your life to help you, challenge you, support you or cheer you on to be your best self.  You might be that kind of person for someone else.
  6. We can never overdo gratitude. In this time of ongoing tension and anxiety, please thank God every day for someone or something.  It will make a difference to getting through each day and this crisis as well as you can.


Love and prayers always



Rector, St. Peter’s Anglican Church


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