Goodbye Messages

Sunday April 26, 2020

Our very dear friends in Christ,

          Mike and I are writing to tell you that our last day at St. Peter’s is April 30.  Your new priest will be in place for the beginning of May.  Mike and I each now would like to say a few words to you.


Mike’s Closing Remarks

          At times like this, I find it best to read my heart for what I want to say.  When I do, I read three heart things:  1) I am full of thankfulness to each of you in our parish community for working together to grow the Kingdom of God here at St. Peter’s. 2) I see need for rest: Coleen and I met at ministry school in the early 1980’s while we followed God’s will for us.  We have continued to follow for almost 40 years since that time.  We have been active helpers and priests.  We now need deep rest. 3) I finally see a heart full of love and joy.  We gave our hearts to you and you returned your love and care to us. 

          God is in the House. We had a whole lot of fun! 

God’s Blessing to y’all!!!



Coleen’s Closing Remarks

          Thank you to each and every one of you for cooperating with the Holy Spirit to build back the parish of St. Peter’s.  I was simply a catalyst sent by God through the Bishop to love you and to have fun together as we sought each day to discern the will of God and to do it.  You are a remarkable congregation – gifted, hard working, and willing to do what must be done to be faithful to God. 

          Thank you for the privilege to have served as your spiritual leader.  Working together with the Holy Spirit, we were able to get the ship of St. Peter’s off the rocks of despair.  Please keep being who you are.  Know that God is with you directing and guiding you to build His Kingdom in the Westmount area.

God bless you always.

Much love and heartfelt prayers


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